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Indy de Rijke, founder and owner of The Attic (theatticstreetwear, 2022).

The Attic was founded in 2015 when founder/owner Indy de Rijke turned his passion for streetwear and high-end products into an Instagram page where he shared his passion. Later on, in 2017 people could sell their items (for free) on his Instagram page. A unique marketplace was born. After this, Indy started to buy and sell pre-owned and new clothing until about 2020.

In 2020 The Attic was separated into 2 concepts; and

After building up a big network in the clothing industry was created to trade pre-owned and brand new streetwear, high-end clothing, sneakers and eventually also accessoires.
About a year later, Indy decided to only focus on providing brand new items for his clients. Thanks to his extensive network that he built up during the years in the sneaker-and clothing wholesale industry, Indy is now able to provide sensational pieces, mostly under the recommended retail price.

We think it is very important that streetwear and high-end fashion are accessible and as affordable as possible for our clients. That is why it is our mission to provide you with the latest and most exclusive products for a decent price in our webshop.
To guarantee exclusivity for our customers we create our own selections of products which we want to release. The members of The Attic will get exclusive, first access to each release. Members of The Attic can sign up for the mailing list (for free). Members will receive an e-mail at least one day before the webshop opening. A special link will be provided to access the webshop. Therefore members of The Attic can always be first to shop the latest exclusive products.

The other platform, is intended for people who have a great affinity with the streetwear and high-end fashion culture. On this website, clients can read unique information about fashion related subjects. All these blogs are written by our own passionate crew members. This way we can share our knowledge about certain subjects and inform our own clients with unique information.
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"Service, reliability and the authenticity of our products are key-points in our company" (Indy de Rijke, founder and owner of The Attic).