Moncler, an abbreviation of Monestier-de-Clermont is a mountain village near Grenoble. They are famous for their Moncler Jackets and luxurywear.

Moncler Genius Chouette Jacket

In 1952 René Ramillon and Andrè Vincent founded the Company Moncler which would go on to produce the renowned down jacket. A jacket which has become a fashion statement and also does best at what it's been produced for; protection against very, very cold environments.

When the brand was founded, Moncler only produced quilted sleeping bags filled with goose down and feathers to protect people against the cold environment. Now the brand has a wide variation of products which are globally in demand by all kind of people. The brand is very good at innovating and shaping their creativity into their products. At the same time the brand is staying true to its heritage and roots.


The main weapon of Moncler to fill up their beautiful jackets is goose down. Moncler jackets are filled with at least 90% goose down. The other 10% consists of feathers. This combination makes sure the jacket is very warm and ventilates naturally.
The outer shell of the jacket is made from high-performance nylon. Moncler often tries out new looks by changing the material of the outer shell. Therefore, not all jackets are made with a nylon outer shell. Moncler is very selective in the suppliers they work with and they use high standards to guarantee the quality of the product.

Moncler main line

Moncler has 3 different lines which all have a different approach. The main Moncler line is made for urban purposes; creating beautiful stylish jackets which also have the ability to protect against cold environment.

Moncler Maya JacketMoncler Maya Giubotto Jacket (, 2021).

Moncler Genius

The Moncler Genius line is a very luxurious line by Moncler. The materials which are being used on these jackets are usually very unique and outstanding. Popping colors and the best materials make these jackets unique.

Moncler Genius Liam JacketMoncler Genius Liam Jacket (The Attic streetwear, 2020).

Moncler Grenoble

The Moncler Grenoble line is made for extreme circumstances and is based on sportswear such as skiing and snowboarding. This line is recognizable by its even more surprising and colorful designs. The designs seamlessly combine functionality and aesthetics, which will appeal to the most demanding fashionists.

Moncler Grenoble JacketMoncler Grenoble Jacket (Net-a-porter, 2020).

2020's most popular Moncler models at The Attic

The models that were sourced and sold most by The Attic Streetwear in 2020 were the Maya, Ecrins, Acorus and the Montbeliard.

Moncler Jackets

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