The Attic personal shopping

Some fashion related items are very hard to get a hold off, especially pieces that were only given out to Friends & Family. Other items are just so in demand that they sell out instantly when the product is released by the brand. Therefore, we have introduced a personal shopping service by The Attic streetwear. Thanks to our worldwide connections we are able to source you almost anything in the world. You name it, we can get it.

Personal shopping at The Attic Streetwear

Lots of products that are displayed on are available for direct sale but our business is also selling fashion items that have been requested by our customers. You are able to send us the item(s) that you are looking for and we will be able to source them. Thanks to our many connections across the globe we are often the go-to personal shopper. It’s all about the experience and the availability of the products which makes The Attic streetwear shopping so unique. Also, it is possible to visit our showroom in the Netherlands (South-Holland). Here you can try on anything available and get styling advice as well.

Direct Sale

On you can view the complete collection which is being updated monthly with new items. To make sure you are always first with the latest updates and inventory, make sure you are a member of the mailing list.

Sell your item(s)

  • Are you looking to get rid of some designer pieces, streetwear or accessories?
  • Or do you just need some spare cash?

The Attic streetwear is your go-to selling point for selling your amazing pieces. You can send an e-mail to with all the details needed. We aim to reply as fast as possible to your e-mail and if necessary, we can bring out an offer on your item(s).

December 13, 2023 — Triplepro SEA