The Jordan 4 "Wahlburger"

Jordan 4 Wahlburger

The Collaboration

Every once so often we get a shoe that is so rare, that it is a highly coveted item amongst collectors in the sneaker community. When Jordan Brand announced a partnership with Mark Wahlberg and his brothers' restaurant brand Wahlburgers in 2018, the Jordan 4 Wahlburgers were born. The shoe encapsulated the shared principles of both brands which is to provide high-quality items for its customers.


The Wahlberg brothers, Mark, Donnie and Paul, founded the casual dining restaurant franchise Wahlburgers in Hingham, Massachusetts, in 2011. The franchise is renowned for its excellent burgers and laid-back setting, which pays homage to the Wahlbergs' working-class upbringing. Since then, the network has grown to include more than 30 sites across the United States and Canada.

Due to their shared passion for excellence and dedication to quality, Wahlburgers and Jordan Brand decided to collaborate. Jordan Brand is known for its high-performance sneakers, while Wahlburgers is know for its high-quality food. Both companies are dedicated to providing extraordinary experiences to their fans while maintaining a close relationship with them.

The Jordan 4

A distinctive and fashionable sneaker, the Jordan 4 Wahlburgers has a green suede upper with speckled accents on the plastic wings and midsole. The tongue, footbed, and heel of the shoe are also decorated with Wahlburgers branding. Since that the Boston Celtics and Boston Red Sox both wear green, the sneaker's design reflects the Wahlbergs' devotion to Boston. The sneaker is also a tribute to the Wahlbergs' working-class roots, as the Jordan 4 was originally designed as a basketball shoe that could withstand the rigors of the court.

Only 30 pairs of the Jordan 4 Wahlburgers were made, making them a unique and highly sought-after sneaker. As a result the shoe has skyrocketed in price on the secondary market, with some pairs fetching far over €20.000.

In conclusion, the Jordan 4 Wahlburgers is a shoe collaboration that personifies the perfection and quality for which both Wahlburgers and Jordan are renowned. The shoe is a highly sought-after item in the sneaker community due to its distinctive design, materials, and scarcity. The partnership between these two companies has raised the bar for sneaker collaborations and strengthened the impact of celebrity culture on the sneaker market.

Jordan 4 "Wahlburger"Jordan 4 "Wahlburger" (The Attic streetwear, 2023).

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